Saturday, August 7, 2010


[ magic simple word ~ thank you =) ]

To those who laugh, support,
and encourage me
[yet,you know this is for you]

Every day's a carefree day
that's how I'm living.
The things I must do
and the things I can't do
there are so many of them, but
I always do my best
because of all your encouraging smiles.

If I had to say something
my answer would really be gratitude
to my irreplaceable friends and family
overflowing with happiness together
I have the present and I've got everyone
so I can still smile on a bad day
I'm so thankful, I can't hold back my tears.

To those who laugh, support,
and encourage me,
I won't ever forget this feeling.

In front of others, you're only mean to me
but when it's just us you're always so nice.
You always lose our arguments
but you always smile so easily the end.
Sometimes I want to dress up and go out
and my selfishness can be annoying
but you still watch over me either way
covering me with your warmth.
That's why I want to say thank you
even though it's embarrassing saying it just now.
Even if I lose my way in a dark tunnel
we can find the shining exit together.
Even when you're tired and busy, you still call me to say "good night"
I'm always so happy for these small kindnesses.

Sometimes we stubbornly dissagree
and refuse to give in, but
in the end, you're still very important to me, so
even now, I sincerely hope we're together

It's so obvious, yet it's not.
I want to show how grateful I am for being alive right now.
I always want to let you know I'm happy.

Today, tomorrow, and the day after, we'll all laugh together.
Let's trust our bonds won't change no matter what.
Today, tomorrow, and the day after, we'll all walk together.
No matter what happens, we'll somehow stay together.
Thank you

[ being grateful is a good thing to do! ]

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